11 Companies Hiring for Remote Work in 2020

Working remotely from home has allowed many people to keep their jobs despite the Covid-19 pandemic. But you may be looking for companies that are hiring for remote work in 2020 for different reasons. Maybe you lost your job because of coronavirus. Or, you need to balance homeschooling and employment. Perhaps you’re just fed up with sitting in traffic for hours a day getting to work. 

Whatever your reason — working from home (WFH) has tremendous benefits. Apart from a flexible working schedule, remote work allows you to find employment in another state or country. 

Many analysts predict that WFH arrangements will become the “new norm” in the workplace. The latest technology means that it’s never been easier to work remotely. Videoconferencing, cloud-based computing, and superfast broadband were too expensive for ordinary folks a decade ago. Now, these things are affordable for many more people. 

The Effect of Covid-19 on the Workplace

The devastating impact of Covid-19 brought chaos to many peoples’ lives. Mass unemployment peaked at over 14%. Many people who were lucky enough to have a job either worked reduced hours or were on furlough. 

Then, parents had to take time off work to homeschool their kids. With no end to the coronavirus pandemic anytime soon, you might consider homeschooling or cyber schooling your kids during the next school term.

If Covid-19 affected your job, it’s no wonder that you’re thinking about working remotely. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of companies hiring for work from home positions. 

Reasons to Find Companies Hiring for Remote Work 

Why look for a company that offers work from home employment? Here are a few situations when a WFH job is ideal for you: 

  • You’re unemployed or face losing your job due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • After working from home during coronavirus, you don’t want to return to grueling office work.
  • You have decided that homeschooling will help you protect your kids from the coronavirus pandemonium, and you need a job. 
  • You want to regain control of your life and improve your work-life balance.

What you Need to Work Remotely

Successfully working from home requires more than finding the perfect remote job. You need to make sure that you can work effectively and productively. Because WFH gives you more flexibility, you need a good structure. What’ll help you make a success of your new remote job? Here are a few tips:

  • Set up a home office — even convert a closet into an office if you can.
  • Get fast and reliable broadband internet service.
  • Invest in a good quality laptop that can handle video conferencing.
  • Learn how to use cloud-based computing for file sharing, project management, and time scheduling.

Companies Hiring for Remote Work in 2020

Now you know that you want to work from home. And, you know the basics of how to work from home. The next step is to reach out to companies that are hiring for work from home positions now. 

Here are the top 11 employers with excellent WFH options for remote employees.

1. K12

If you’re a qualified teacher or newly-graduated teacher, K12 is an excellent resource to find online teaching jobs. The company employs remote teachers for all grades from kindergarten to 12th grade. You can work from any area of the US and enjoy flexible working hours either on a part-time or full-time basis. 


If you’re a native English speaker, you can teach English as a second language (ESL) even if you’re not a qualified teacher. VIPKID only hires remote workers for online teaching positions. One of the benefits of VIPKID is that you can work on your own schedule. So, it’s ideal if you need flexible work at home while looking after kids at home.

3. Amazon

You’ve probably bought something from Amazon, but have you thought about working for them? Amazon regularly offers many flexible remote job opportunities, and they have a dedicated WFH program. Types of remote work that Amazon offers are accounting, sales, customer service, IT, and support engineering. 

4. Randstad

Randstad is currently hiring for remote work in sectors such as healthcare, IT, finance, accounting, and logistics. The company is one of the largest staffing firms in the US. Many of the positions they hire for are full-time remote workers and freelance workers. So, there’s a lot of flexibility with the types of jobs on offer. Through their website, you can search for posts by category.

5. Kforce

Another recruiting firm that lists companies hiring for work from home positions is Kforce. Many remote job posts are for highly-skilled workers in finance, technology, computer science, banking, healthcare, and telecommunication. Currently, Kforce works with over 4,000 companies. Its website also has many excellent resources to help find remote work in 2020.

6. Pearson

If you’re a qualified educator, then Pearson is looking for remote employees to fill part-time and full-time positions. One of the advantages of Pearson is that they focus on creating flexible working environments. Pearson is currently hiring for tutors and teachers in education, technology, sales and marketing, and management.

7. Accounting Principals

If you’re an out-of-work accountant or looking to shift to working from home, then Accounting Principals is hiring. The types of remote positions are ideal for freelancers or employees looking for part-time or full-time work. Accounting Principals has positions for payroll, bookkeeping, accountancy, and other finance-related jobs.

8. LanguageLine Solutions

LanguageLine Solutions is hiring remote workers who can speak a second language. It’s not just spoken language interpretation jobs on offer. If you know sign language, then there are many jobs currently available. The company offers various types of employment opportunities that include document translation, over-the-phone communication, and videoconferencing interpreting. 

9. Beacon Hill Staffing Group

Looking for a WFM solution through an agency can help connect you with hundreds of companies currently hiring remote workers. Beacon Hill Staffing Group lists jobs that are temporary, short-term, freelance, part-time, and long-term. Whatever your previous job was, you’ll find suitable remote work opportunities on the Beacon Hill Staffing Group Website.

10. Appen

Appen specializes in remote work in the technology sectors. Many of the positions listed are for home-based jobs that are on a flexible, part-time basis. You can find remote work related to engineering, marketing, translation, and sales. The website also lists micro-tasks — these are small jobs to earn extra bucks that you can do in an hour or less. 

11. Kelly Services

Kelly Services works with some of the country’s biggest companies to find remote workers. The employment agency is ideal if you’re a freelancer or are looking for part-time WFM arrangements. If you have experience in IT services, accounting, life sciences, and administration, you’ll find companies hiring in those sectors. They also have call-center jobs that offer flexible work schedules.

Working Remotely in 2020: A Takeaway

Covid-19 has forced many companies and workers to start working from home. If you want a flexible schedule to fit your lifestyle, there are plenty of companies hiring for remote work in 2020 and beyond.