Save Thousands Buying a Used Rental Car from Hertz: A Step-by-Step Guide

Hertz is selling many of its used rental cars due to bankruptcy. Buying a used rental car from Hertz could be an excellent way to get an affordable, well-maintained vehicle. Of course, used rental cars have high mileage and a ton of past drivers. But if you’re looking to buy a car on a budget, Hertz is selling used rental cars below market value.

How can you buy a used rental car from Hertz, saving yourself thousands in the process? This article has everything you need to know about getting the best deal on a used Hertz rental car.

How Do I Buy a Used Rental Car From Hertz?

To buy a used rental car, go to Hertz’s car sales website at There’s a list of nearly 25,000 used rental cars you can buy. Use filters based on price, model, year, sales location, and mileage to find potential used cars to buy from Hertz.

How Can I Get More Information on Hertz Used Rental Cars for Sale?

After finding a Hertz ex-rental car you’re interested in buying, click on the car for more information. There you’ll find the car’s mileage, fuel economy, engine size, list of extra features, and detailed specifications. These are all essential facts to know before buying a used rental car.

Is Getting a Used Rental Car from the Hertz Bankruptcy a Good Idea?

Several reasons make buying a used rental car from Hertz good sense. Cars are generally only a few years old and well-maintained. Also, it’s usually cheaper to buy used rental cars from Hertz than other dealerships. Another perk is that Hertz delivers cars to your door for test driving.

What is the Hertz Rent-to-Buy Option?

The rent-to-buy option allows you to test drive the car for three days — handy before deciding on buying a Hertz used rental car. You can see how the car handles, listen for any unusual noises, or arrange a pre-inspection. This rent-to-buy option is generally only available on used rental cars.

The rent-to-buy option works this way: You rent the car for three days. During this time, you drive the vehicle similar to any other type of rental. If you decide to buy the car from Hertz, the three-day rental fee is deducted from the price.

Know Your Budget Before Buying a Car from Hertz

Before you buy any type of car — used or new — it’s vital you know your budget. You’ll need to determine how much you can afford and figure in maintenance and running costs. The loan calculator on the Hertz website can help calculate monthly payments and the cash down figure.

Can I Trade-In My Car When Buying a Used Rental Car from Hertz?

Hertz accepts trade-ins on your old car. Trading in your old car has a few benefits. The most significant advantage is that you save the hassle of selling your car. Second, the value of your existing car offsets some of the cost of your “new” used rental car. 

What Discounts Can I Get Buying a Hertz Rental Car?

Hertz is offering discounts on car sales of a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Some used rental economy family sedans are selling for about $1,000 less than the average used car sales price. Huge discounts of many thousands of dollars are available on used top-of-the-range SUVs.

What are the Advantages of Buying Cars from Hertz?

The main advantage of buying used rental cars is that you get a newer vehicle for less money. Choose from the latest models and safety features for thousands less than buying at a used car lot. Even though the mileage is higher, rental car companies maintain vehicles to high standards.

Are There Any Disadvantages When Buying a Used Hertz Rental Car?

The main downside of buying a used rental car from Hertz is similar to buying any used car. However, rental cars tend to have fewer upscale options, have higher mileage, and uncertain history. Also, due to high mileage, a relatively new vehicle can be out of warranty.

What is No-Haggle Pricing for Hertz Used Car Sales? 

No-haggle pricing means that Hertz won’t negotiate on the advertised used car sales price. Hertz says that their no-haggle prices mean it’s easier for buyers to close deals on a cheap, used rental car. The car price is usually “no-haggle” because it’s already the lowest price Hertz will accept.

Should I Get an Inspection Before Buying a Used Rental Car from Hertz?

Always get a professional mechanic to inspect any used car before buying it. Even though Hertz used rental cars for sale are regularly serviced and well-maintained, you still need an independent inspection. After all, it’s impossible to tell from service records the current condition of the engine and chassis.

If I Buy a Used Rental Car from Hertz, What Else Should I Check?

It’s always best to get the vehicle history report. You can either request this from Hertz or get one yourself from CarFax. The report contains essential information for used car buyers. You can check previous owners, accident information, mileage verification, and any recalls.

Do Hertz Used Rental Cars Come with a Warranty?

All used rental cars that Hertz sells come with a powertrain warranty. The car warranty is valid for up to 12 months or 12,000 miles — whichever comes first. The warranty gives you peace of mind when buying a used vehicle from Hertz, especially as rentals tend to have high mileage.

Can I Buy a Used Rental Car From Hertz Without Leaving My Home?

With a few clicks, you can buy a Hertz used rental car from the comfort of your home. After deciding the car you want to buy, Hertz sends you the paperwork. You return the completed forms, Hertz delivers the vehicle for free within a 75-mile radius of the sales location.

If, after the three-day test drive, you decide to buy the car, you go online and arrange payment or financing. If you decide against buying, you return the car to Hertz and pay the three-day rental charge.

Are Hertz Used Rental Cars Sales Always the Best Deal I Can Get?

Hertz are selling used cars for between five and 15% less than their market value. However, because of the coronavirus crisis, many car rental companies are selling used rental vehicles for discounted prices. So, it’s worth shopping around to see if Hertz currently has the best deals for used rental cars.