15 Best Remote Jobs Paying High Wages

The impact of Covid-19 meant that working from home is becoming the new norm. Many companies are giving their staff the option of continuing to work from home when the pandemic is over. This massive shift to a work-from-home (WFH) economy opens up new opportunities to find a job. So, this is good news if you’re unemployed because of the pandemic. 

If you’re thinking of working remotely post-Covid-19 or need a job now, the good news is there’s a boom in remote jobs. And, some of the best remote jobs pay above the average wage. So, very soon, you could be making big bucks from the comfort of your spare room or brand-new closet office.

Don’t think that the top work-from-home jobs are just sales and computer programming. There are fantastic remote jobs in the health, finance, teaching, crafts, and publishing sectors. All you need to do is know where to find these remote jobs that pay a fantastic salary.

This article lists the best 15 remote jobs that you can do without leaving your front door. Before looking at the best WFH jobs, let’s briefly examine why you could be earning more working from home than from an office. 

The Best Remote Jobs Can Pay More Than the Average Wage

Remote jobs could mean anything from working remotely for a company to setting up your own business. Remote work could be working a few days a week at home and the rest of the time in the office, or, working totally from home. Whatever the options, working from home can mean more cash in your pocket. 

Of course, there are remote jobs out there that pay top-dollar salaries. Some studies show that, on average, remote workers earn more than their on-site peers. So, you can make just as much — if not more — working from your living room. 

There are many ways why not going into the office means higher earnings. How so? Because of the money you save. Here are a few examples of how you can earn more money with a remote job:

  • Commute — Swap your car keys or travel pass for a telecommute. You can save a heap of cash if you don’t have to travel to work. All these savings can go toward extra earnings. 
  • Time is money — Less time sitting in traffic means more time at home. You can put the extra time you have to good use. For example, doing some home maintenance could save money on repair bills.
  • Food Making your own healthy lunches is cheaper than grabbing a sandwich at the local deli. 
  • Clothes While you should still dress for work if you’re working from home, you can get by with a smaller wardrobe. 

The Best Remote Jobs Paying a High Wage

Here’s a list of the top jobs where you can work from home and earn a good salary. Many of the remote jobs listed here are entry-level jobs and don’t require degrees. 

1. Graphic Designer

If you have skills as a graphic designer, you can find work designing logos, websites, or ads. There are plenty of gig jobs for graphic designers on sites such as Upwork and Fiverr

2. Customer Support

Many companies are using remote workers to act as customer support representatives. Tasks can include answering emails, phone calls, or responding on chat platforms. Also, call centers are now employing people who work from home.

3. Sale Representative

If you have excellent communication skills and are highly motivated, you can help businesses find potential customers. A sales rep would also need to be highly organized to follow up on leads, arrange meetings, and communicate with clients. Check out Randstad for listings for sales representative positions in your area.

4. Bookkeeper

You can qualify as a bookkeeper after completing an online course. Then you can offer your services to companies as a freelancer or look for accountancy jobs. 

5. Online Consulting Service

Do you have skills or experience in a specific industry? If so, you could charge businesses for sharing your knowledge with them. There is no limit to the type of companies you can reach out to. For example, law firms, finance companies, or accountants could benefit from your advice. 

6. Data Entry

If you don’t have any previous experience, punching in numbers could be an excellent way to get started working from home. Data entry jobs offer you flexibility with many part-time and full-time positions available. 

7. Copywriting

Many businesses and website owners need a steady supply of written content. It is easy to pick up writing gigs on freelancing websites. You could soon have a great remote job that pays above the average wage by writing blog posts, eBooks, articles, ads, and social media posts.

8. Web Designer

If you have web design skills or are willing to take online courses, you could earn a lot of money as a website developer. Many small businesses need to expand their online presence but lack the know-how to set up a website. You can also get them on a retainer because sites require continuous maintenance. 

9. Online Teacher, Tutor, or Educator

Are you an out-of-work teacher or have been teaching from home? Some of the best remote teaching jobs allow you a flexible schedule and to work from anywhere. You can become a tutor for kids who are homeschooled or find work teaching kids and adults who live in other countries.

10. Claims Processor

Claims processing is a great entry-level remote job that pays well. In some cases, you only have to do data entry. With a bachelor’s degree, you could earn even more processing insurance claims. 

11. Technical Support Representative

Another type of job you can do from a home office is offering technical support. Many companies hire remote workers to provide technical assistance to their customers. After some training, you could get paid for troubleshooting a wide range of issues. 

12. Affiliate Marketer

If you have some web-based skills, affiliate marketing could see you earning big bucks without leaving your home. Affiliate marketing involves making a commission for referrals. When someone buys a product — say, from Amazon — through a link on your website, you get a percentage of the sale.

13. Blogger

Do you have a passion or hobby? You could start making money from something you love doing by blogging about it. You’d need to have a website and create a lot of content for it — videos, articles, and social media posts — but you could start earning a living from telling others about your hobby. 

14. Proofreading and Editing

If you have an eye for detail and have excellent grammar skills, you could earn a good living from home as a proofreader. Look for proofreading gigs on freelancer websites. As you gain experience and regular clients, you’ll start making a lot of money.

15. Translator

Can you speak another language? Many companies are hiring now for translators. Some types of jobs open to translators are interpreting, translating documents, or teaching — either the foreign language you know or English as a second language (ESL).

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Best Remote Jobs Paying High Wages: A Takeaway

Now that the work-from-home economy seems here to stay, there are plenty of ways to work remotely. The best remote jobs pay equivalent to or above the average salary — all from the comfort of your home.